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Snow Removal

Evergreen Lawn Care provides snow removal services for both commercial and residential customers to help reduce the risk of accidents or injury due to slippery conditions.

Commercial Snow Removal

Our snow removal teams work around the clock when winter storms hit to clear driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks so your employees and customers can safely make their way to your business. Make your property safe and keep your business running.

Residential Snow Removal

Stay warm and cozy inside your home and let us take care of clearing the snow and ice from your driveway and sidewalks. Put your snow shovel away and say goodbye to frozen fingers and toes and an aching back.

Contact Evergreen Lawn Care for your snow removal needs, including any of the following:

  • Commercial parking lot cleaning
  • Bulk salting
  • Pre-treating
  • Walkway and steps removal and salting
  • Ice melt available